Virgin Territory

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In the 14th-century the prosperous city of Florence is ravaged by a merciless plague known as "The Black Death.'

Lorenzo de Lamberti (Hayden Christensen), an innocent and adventurous young blood, finds himself on the wrong side of Gerbino de la Ratta (Tim Roth). De La Ratta's wealth has been gleaned from his ability to live on both sides of the law; murder is part of his armory and Lorenzo is his prime target. Lorenzo escapes from Florence and finds refuge working as a gardener in a convent.

Pampinea Anastagi (Mischa Barton), the only daughter of a respected and wealthy family, suddenly finds herself alone. Gerbino de la Ratta threatens to confiscate her home to pay off her father's debts -- then offers to marry her as an escape route from her imminent financial ruin. Pampinea retreats to a convent where from behind her nun's veil -- and after a secret kiss -- she falls in love with Lorenzo. Lorenzo also falls in love, but does not know who has delivered the fatal heart-melting kiss.

Director: David Leland
Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Producer(s): Dino De Laurentiis, Martha Schumacher, Tarak Ben Ammar
Cast: Hayden Christensen, Mischa Barton, Christopher Egan, Tim Roth, Silvia Colloca
Writer(s): David Leland
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