The Touch (2002)

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In Theaters: July 31, 2002 (limited)

R | 1h 43m | Action, Adventure, Romance

In a time of great danger, the Monks of Dun Huang hid the Sharira –– a Relic purported to contain the pure essence of a Holy Man in the Buddhist religion. To protect this great treasure, it was placed where no ordinary human being would ever be able to reach. However, in order that it could be retrieved when the time came, the Monks turned to a family of acrobats. For hundreds of years this family has trained, passing on the skills required to perform the ultimate leap when the time is at hand.

In modern Qing Dao, Yin (Yeoh) and her brother Tong (Caong) are the last heirs in this long lineage of acrobats. One day, Eric (Chaplin), a man from Yin’s past, shows up with a Medallion –– a key to unlock the secrets, a clue to unveil the legend of the Sharira. Together they embark on a hazardous journey to rediscover what her ancestors once protected.
Director: Peter Pau
Studio: Miramax Films
Producer(s): Gao Feng Jun, Michelle Yeoh, Thomas Chung
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Ben Chaplin, Richard Roxburgh, Sihung Lung, Brandon Chang, Margaret Wang, Dane Cook, Kenneth Tsang, Emmanuel Lanzi, Gabrie Hoi, Winston Chao
Writer(s): Laurent Cortiaud, Julien Carbon, J.D. Zeik
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