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The Girl in the Photographs Trailer

4,625 Views | 1:55 | Uploaded on Apr 01, 2016

In the sleepy community of Spearfish, a teenager named Colleen (Claudia Lee) starts receiving photographs of brutally murdered young women, but she has no idea whether they're actual photographs sent to her by a serial killer or staged photographs from someone with a twisted sense of humor.

The fine police officers of Spearfish don't seem interested in investigating, but when news of what's happening hits social media, a famous Los Angeles-based celebrity photographer named Peter Hemmings (Kal Penn), who's originally from Spearfish, decides to head home to investigate.

Hemmings and his entourage immediately create a stir in the quiet little town. Soon it becomes clear that not only is the killer targeting Colleen's friends, but Colleen herself.

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