Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers Movie Poster

Think the green army men come to life in Toy Story and you have the beginning point for this tale of a town that is the test market for new artificially intelligent toys. Things go awry when machines don't behave exactly as they're supposed to and the town becomes a war zone between toy soldiers and mutant monsters.

Director: Joe Dante
Studio: DreamWorks Pictures
Producer(s): Michael Finnel
Cast: Kevin Dunn, Jay Mohr, Kirsten Dunst, Denis Leary, Tommy Lee Jones, Larry Benson, Jonathan Bouck, David Cross, Archie Hahn, Phil Hartman, Ann Magnuson, Dick Miller, Wendy Schaal, Gregory Smith, Jacob Smith, Robert Picardo, Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, Alexandra Wilson
Writer(s): Adam Rifkin, Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Zak Penn
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