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Rising action superstar Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) seems to have it all. Life couldn't be better. But his newfound fame comes with a price. He's become a target of a team of four paparazzi bent on making Bo and his family fodder for the tabloids.

The paparazzi stalk Bo everywhere. He accepts the veritable invasion of his life… until photos of his wife, Abby, and his son, Zach, begin appearing on covers of a sleazy tabloid called Paparazzi. All efforts to convince the photographers to spare his family are ignored, and when Bo has a physical altercation with one "superstar" paparazzo, Rex (Tom Sizemore), the actor is sentenced to anger-management therapy, while Rex walks away unpunished.

The paparazzi become increasingly relentless, ruthless - even criminal. One night they trap Bo and his family in a high-speed chase that ends in a terrible accident, sending Abby into intensive care and six-year-old Zach into a coma. When the police can't make a case against the photographers, Bo seeks vengeance on his own.
Director: Paul Abascal
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, Stephen McEveety
Cast: Cole Hauser, Robin Tunney, Dennis Farina, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Sizemore, Kelly Carlson
Writer(s): Forrest Smith
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