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User review rating: 3 September 12, 2022

Not great, not terrible. It feels rushed and surprisingly cheap for such a big company like Disney. It has some great moments though, especially the fight between Obi and Vader in the last episode.

User review rating: 4 June 23, 2022

It has some questionable moments which could be executed better but it also has a lot of good stuff and fleshes out the characters of Obi-Wan and Vader in the period between the prequels and the original trilogy really well. The last episode was amazing! The actress who plays little Leia is very talented. I hope her mental health will not be damaged by insane "fans" who nitpick every single detail or just make up stuff which isn´t in the show to spread hate. They learnt nothing from what happened to the boy who played little Anakin.

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