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User review rating: 5 March 06, 2021

I really enjoyed this film. Acting was very good. Story of a young woman trying to reach her dream of being a writer and goes to nyc. Margaret Qualley gives her best performance. Based on the Book. Intellectual stimulation for your brain.

User review rating: 3 February 11, 2021

This film is based on Joanna Rakoff’s book 'My Salinger Year'. Joanna’s writing is both moving and funny in the smallest of details. It's a tricky time, almost a no man's land not quite far enough in time to give it an aura of nostalgia or a feeling of grooviness in terms of colors and texture. But there are fun details about that time that the film exploits narratively; it's a time of changes in the world of communication, press and publishing. In 1996, people were only beginning to get familiar with 'Emails' and 'The Internet'. We can relate to that uncertain time when we've to decide what we want to do with our life, not completely aware of the range of possibilities. A time when anything is possible, but everything seems out of reach. Novels are one thing to adapt, but memoirs are on another level. The book is not story driven. The screenplay invents moments and events as mutation tools between literature and film. Part of the challenge when you adapt a book is to understand what's organic to each form. The literary world can hold much more content and can sustain multilayered themes without feeling scattered. It also allows direct access to the protagonist’s mind. Turning a book into a film usually means making choices, creating composite characters and transforming the inner voice into concrete actions. Fiction has to be used to convey ideas or feelings, we find in the book. The film indeed portrays the literary world as multifaceted and depicts the creative and the business process of the arts as both necessary and complimentary. We want to believe literature is at an arms length of commerce at least compared to music, visual art of films, but it isn't. written by Gregory Mann

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