Baby's Day Out

John Hughes sticks to his seemingly fool-proof formula for success in Baby's Day Out, a cross-pollination of Home Alone and a Swee' Pea cartoon.

The plot seems all-too familiar: posing as baby photographers, a group of three would-be kidnappers (led by the usually outstanding character actor Joe Pantoliano) enter an unsuspecting wealthy Chicago couple's home and make off with Baby Bink after leaving a ransom note.

However, while waiting for the delivery of the ransom money, Baby Bink manages to escape and subsequently embarks on a series of cutesy-poo adventures in downtown Chicago (including a crawl through a skyscraper construction site), leaving the hapless crooks in hot pursuit.

Producer(s): Richard Vane, John Hughes
Cast: Matthew Glave, John Neville, Cynthia Nixon, Joe Pantoliano, Joe Mantegna, Brian Haley, Fred Thompson, Lara Boyle, Eddie Bracken, Brigid Duffy, Adam Worton, Jacob Worton
Writer(s): John Hughes
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