Why Him? Official International Trailer

2:34 | Uploaded on Nov 16, 2016

In the hilarious international trailer for the comedy Why Him?, proud father Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) scrolls through photos of his beautiful daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) as he confidently declares that no guy will ever be good enough for her. But when his "little girl" takes him to meet her first real boyfriend, his prophecy rings much truer than expected. Straight-laced Ned is shocked to meet a shirtless, boorish, and tattooed internet billionaire named Laird (James Franco), a man who seems to have no sense of personal space. And just when Ned thinks it couldn't get any worse, Laird informs him that he plans to propose to Stephanie. Now Ned must do everything in his power to stop the engagement before his perfect daughter makes the biggest mistake of her life. 


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