The Vanishing of Sidney Hall - Trailer

1,918 Views | 2:24 | Uploaded on Feb 13, 2018

In the trailer for The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, two men are discussing why a man walked into a bookstore, chose books from shelf, threw them into a trash can and set it on fire. One man (Kyle Chandler) says, "I know why he burned the books. Because he wrote them." The man goes on to say, "Sidney Hall. One of the best writers of all time. I've been searching for him for years." He goes to talk to one of Sidney's former teachers. We then see Sidney (Logan Lerman) asking his teacher, "What if I wrote a novel?" Sidney goes on to write his book, which stays at number one on the bestseller lists for months. However, Sidney has started to see things that aren't there. He goes into hiding. It begins to look like Sidney was involved in a death, and he keeps seeing the dead person in the years that follow. 


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