Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Official IMAX Trailer

3,868 Views | 1:29 | Uploaded on Sep 29, 2016

In the official IMAX trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, we see the title character (played by Tom Cruise) handcuffed by two law enforcers in a diner. He assertively says to them, "Two things are gonna happen: first, that phone over there is gonna ring. Second, you're gonna be wearing these cuffs." The men giggle, but before they know it, they're in cuffs and being led away.

The trailer continues as we learn more about Jack. He's been awarded a purple heart, a silver star, and is lauded as a legend. A woman named Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) reaches out to him for help on a mission, and from then on, plenty of action tears up the sequences on screen. Guns are fired, explosions are routine, punches are thrown and kicks abound.


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