Bushwick Trailer

2:10 | Uploaded on Aug 14, 2017

In the trailer for Bushwick, Lucy (Brittany Snow) is being taught how to shoot a rifle by ex-Marine Stupe (Dave Bautista). We flash back in time to see Lucy getting off the subway with her boyfriend when a man runs past, consumed by flames. They run up to ground level, where planes are flying overheard and we hear the steady blast of machine guns. Lucy runs away and is now alone. She comes across Stupe, who tells her the soldiers outside have declared martial law. When Stupe is injured by a gunman, he asks Lucy for help in cauterizing the wound. They hear on the radio that Texas is seceding from the United States and didn't expect resistance from the New Yorkers — and didn't expect them to have so many guns. However, the New Yorkers are tough and they are definitely fighting back. 


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