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Born: January 24, 1961


Date of Birth: January 24, 1961

Birth Name: Nastassja Nakszynski

Born in West Berlin, Nastassja and her sister Pola are the daughters of the famous German actor Klaus Kinski.

She quickly followed in her father's footsteps when, at age 13, she received the German Outstanding Individual Achievement Award for her portrayal of a mute juggler who lived with an older man in the German film False Movement. She continued to work over the next several years in German television, receiving recognition through several acting awards.

At 16, Kinski left school to pursue her dreams, studying in Rome, Munich, Caracas, Paris and the United States under Lee Strasberg.

The vast education also provided her fluency in English, German, Italian and French, as well as an ability to communicate in two other languages.

She took advantage of her language skills and starred in films around the world, including the English movie, To The Devil A Daughter and the Italian movie Stay Where You Are.

Kinski spent some days in a German prison when a sin of youth caught up with her.

Despite having used public transportation several times without paying, she did not pay the fines, nor did she work in a hospital as she was sentenced to do by a juvenile court. In 1978 she was arrested and spent time in prison despite already being a celebrity in Germany at that time.

After 5 days she was released early due to good conduct.

In 1980 Kinski received the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the six-time Academy-Award nominated French movie, Tess, directed by Roman Polanski. Her role in the movie also earned her international acclaim.

Kinski continued her success, both in the United States and abroad, starring in many movies, including the critically acclaimed features Faraway, So Close and Neil LaBute's Your Friends and Neighbors.

In September 1984 she married producer Ibrahim Moussa and later had two children by him - Aljosha and Sonja.

Her on-again/off-again relationship with Moussa was finally terminated in 1992 - with Nastassja winning custody of their two children.

She then had a child, Kenya, with composer Quincy Jones.

She begins the new millennium off with a fistful of films including The Claim, Town and Country, and An American Rhapsody (all 2001).

A busy actress and single mom, Kinski also supports the "International Red Cross" financially and in the media.


An American Rhapsody (2001)
Town and Country (2001)
The Claim (2001)
Beyond City Limits (2000)
Red Letters (2000)
Timeshare (2000)
The Magic of Marciano (2000)
The Intruder (1999)
The Lost Son (1999)
Playing by Heart (1998)
Susan's Plan (1998)
Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)
Little Boy Blue (1998)
Savior (1998)
One Night Stand (1997)
Fathers' Day (1997)
Somebody Is Waiting (1996)
Crackerjack (1994)
Terminal Velocity (1994)
Faraway, So Close! (1993)
The Blonde (1992)
Behind the Scenes: A Portrait of Pierre Guffroy (1992)
In camera mia (1992)
Unizhennye i oskorblyonnye (1991)
L'Alba (1990)
Il Segreto (1990)
Il Sole anche di notte (1990)
In una notte di chiaro di luna (1989)
Magdalene (1989)
Acque di primavera (1989)
Maladie d'amour (1987)
Revolution (1985)
Harem (1985)
Maria's Lovers (1984)
Paris, Texas (1984)
Unfaithfully Yours (1984)
The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)
Exposed (1983)
La Lune dans le caniveau (1983)
FrYhlingssinfonie (1983)
Cat People (1982)
One from the Heart (1982)
Tess (1979)
Cos" come sei (1978)
Leidenschaftliche BlYmchen (1978)
To the Devil a Daughter (1976)
False Movement (1974)

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