Timothy Olyphant (High Life) - Interview

4,163 Views | 8:29 | Uploaded on May 26, 2013

Interview: Timothy Olyphant talks to Tribute about High Life

Tribute's Bonnie Laufer-Krebs sat down with Timothy Olyphant at TIFF to talk about his role in Gary Yates' heist film, High Life.

In High Life, Olyphant plays Dick, a drug addict who hatches a get-rich-quick plan with his friend, Bug (Stephen McIntyre) and their accomplices, Donny (Joe Anderson) and Billy (Rossif Sutherland). But of course, things don't quite go as they'd planned.

Olyphant talks to Tribute about the experience of filming in a very chilly Winnipeg, bonding with his co-stars and the challenges of being an eco-friendly dad.

In the interview, Olypant also talks to Tribute about his upcoming roles in Elektra Luxx and The Crazies.


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