Chris Pratt negotiated Bryce Dallas Howard's Jurassic pay

Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Aug 17, 2022

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World. © 2015 Chuck Zlotnick / Universal PicturesAfter Bryce Dallas Howard signed on to do the Jurassic World movie franchise, it was later reported in Variety that she was getting $8 million per movie, while her co-star Chris Pratt was getting $10 million for each one.

However, Bryce recently told she was paid "so much less" than $8 million, and because the contract was for all three movies and the amount for each was set in the initial contract, she couldn't ask for a raise on each subsequent film. She explained, "When I started negotiating for Jurassic, it was 2014, and it was a different world, and I was at a great disadvantage. And, unfortunately, you have to sign up for three movies, and so your deals are set."

When she mentioned it to Chris Pratt, he was so appalled to learn about the discrepancy in pay that he decided to make sure Bryce would be paid equally for everything connected to the franchise -- which actually led to her making more for that than she'd been paid for the movies themselves.

She revealed: "Whenever there was an opportunity to move the needle on stuff that hadn’t been already negotiated, like a game or a ride, he literally told me: 'You guys don’t even have to do anything. I’m gonna do all the negotiating. We’re gonna be paid the same, and you don’t have to think about this, Bryce.'"

Bryce added, "I love him so much for doing that. I really do, because I’ve been paid more for those kinds of things than I ever was for the movie." ~Alexandra Heilbron

Comments & Discussion

  1. Eleanor Dorst • 8/18/2022 9:47:25 AM

    I would like to feel sorry for Bryce,and her mere $8 mil.salary. but, her dad Ron Howard is a multimillionaire director and is doing well. She is not suffering.

  2. Shay • 8/18/2022 10:42:50 AM

    It's not right to pay the woman less than the man though. They were co-stars. I love that Chris Pratt immediately took action. It's not that she's not getting paid enough, but she shouldn't be paid less than him. And if he was able to get her the same as her on other stuff, that makes him a really great guy in my eyes.

  3. Adrian • 8/18/2022 11:20:05 AM

    Agreed, this is about equality. What if her father wasn't Ron Howard? The same issue would still be present.

  4. Kimberley • 8/18/2022 11:58:49 AM

    Good job

  5. CDubya • 8/18/2022 1:18:00 PM

    CP does seem like a stand-up guy. He's been in how many Billion $ movies and I am shocked to see that he isn't making 20 million per flick! Honestly, she should fire her lawyer or whomever did the negotiations for her originally. It is a new world, let's move forward. #equality does seem fair.

  6. Rob • 8/18/2022 1:24:51 PM

    This is nonsense....There's a reason Chris Pratt gets paid more! He's been in more bankable films and therefore he gets more money......I bet if you ask everyone who they went to see they would say Chris Pratt, this is why he gets 10 million...It's not a mans fault that in certain cases he makes more than a woman and vice versa.....

  7. Jenn • 8/18/2022 2:01:32 PM

    @Rob Lol oh please, I'm sure if you asked most people they'd say they went to these movies for the dinosaurs, not Chris Pratt. And that's not a knock on him, but the acting in these movies is really not all that great, which is honestly fine because they don't need to be the stars of them.

  8. Kimberley • 8/18/2022 2:23:05 PM

    Good job

  9. Blinken • 8/18/2022 3:10:29 PM

    You tell'em Jenn. I think Robs just just got his panties in a knot..

  10. Pat • 8/19/2022 1:31:29 AM

    So many working class people struggling to get by, barely hanging on. And yet Hollywood multimillionaires choose to publicly whine about not getting paid enough money. Spoiled tone-deaf narcissists.

  11. rick meade • 8/20/2022 9:22:22 AM


  12. Billy • 8/21/2022 10:33:15 AM

    How much were the dinos paid?

  13. Mike • 8/21/2022 9:10:02 PM

    What horrible people...

  14. Fay Brewer • 8/24/2022 12:29:50 PM

    What a world. I mean, kudos for CP for standingup for his co-worker. Even women multimillionaires don't get paid the same as their male counterparts.

  15. Fred • 8/24/2022 7:00:04 PM

    Oh please. She was a no body until the first movie. If she wasn't Ron Howard’s daughter she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near this franchise. They could have cast any of few thousand other unknowns that would have been over the moon to get the part at any price. What you people should de upset about is the nepotism in Hollywood and not poor filthy rich Ronnie’s daughter getting paid less than her co star who happens to be the biggest box office draw in Hollywood at the moment. That said, she did a good job.

  16. ALLEN McDANIEL • 8/25/2022 6:45:19 PM

    Nice work if you can GET ONE movie and become a millonaire. Invest your $$$, give the rest to protecting the Planet and maybe fixing JUST ONE PRESSING PROBLEM on Earth. Like plastic pollution, pesticides, or OVERPOPULATION. SOMETHING- Not for YOURSELF. These are the ones I Really Respect. Maybe make a movie about your Quest to make a Better World, not just make More $$$.

  17. Amanda • 8/26/2022 10:30:09 AM

    She was far from being a nobody, Fred. She was a Golden Globe nominee who'd been in a lot of critically acclaimed movies, including Best Picture Oscar nominee The Help. And she's not saying she didn't want to be in it, she's just saying women should get equal pay to their male counterparts. And obviously Chris Pratt agreed.

  18. Steve • 8/27/2022 10:39:13 AM

    If you did a poll on name recognition Chris would easily win. There are plenty of good actors who would do the films for less than 100k. They draw people to the movie with the name recognition. The rest of you can go run some failing company and see for yourself.

  19. Betty • 8/27/2022 2:45:13 PM

    Thoughtless Marxist BS. People of unequal value should not get equal pay. Spoiled multimillionaires throwing a tantrum. Horrible.

  20. Mark • 8/28/2022 3:11:43 PM

    Well, Chris had to give up $1m of his money and give it to her. Darn that must have hurt. 9 instead of 10 million. I truly believe both should be paid equally, but in their world, it's who is the most marketable that gets the most money. That's probably what happened. The main point too is that one doesn't discuss their pay with other peers after the negotiations. EVER! Whining is a big problem to anyone that is making millions anyway. Plenty of people are hurting right now and I see very little (as usual) coming from the rich to help others. My hat's off to those that do. Some of them need to be thankful for what they've got because we pay to see their movies. Boycott them and they'll soon get the message. But, alas, that will never happen. It would be interesting though.

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